Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services Perfectly Customized to Industry Standards

Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic process with Technological Advancement. We generate targeted traffic in Lead generation. Jephthah provides services to the National and International clients with high perfection.

On/Off Page SEO

Traffic Growth

Keyword Ranking

Performance Metrics

Engaging in fruitful partnerships for a successful outcome

Ambitious Instrumentation on Narrow Local Targets

Jephthah works together with formal commitment to reach out across certain tasks, rights, duties and responsibilities. Our key motive is to have predetermined organisational structure to work together effectively rather in isolation.

Core Business Areas

Jephthah is an Idealized Construction of Core Business to express main and essential activities, functions, processes and capabilities of the Organisation.

Informative Content

Jephthah focuses on Brand messaging, Persona Development, Marketing, Technology, Sales, Website Production, Design and Manufacturing. In reviewing all these processes improves their operating efficiency.

Visitor Growth

The Visitor’s growth is the largest employer to the company in this wider economy. Visitor Economy Growth leads to the Emerging of Local Enterprise Partnerships. The capitalizes into significant spare capacity, rapid return on investment and innovation.

Google Analytics

Jephthah analyses your business data through google Analytics for a deeper bond with the customer.Google analytics helps you to dig through important metrics, to strengthen your marketing strategy and provide valuable insight to enhance the marketing strategy.

Innovative Strategies

Jephthah innovative strategies include business model innovation and leveraging existing business model, knowing customers and competitors, defining our value proposition, Asses and develop our core capabilities and Establishing techniques and systems.

Link Building

SEO Link Building aims of inbound links to the website in increasing brand awareness. Building links drives referral traffic and increase the site’s authority. Jephthah link-building strategy includes content marketing, building of useful tools, email outreach, broken link building and public relations.

Reputation Management

Jephthah reputation management safeguards brand protection and a strong online presence. We closely monitor our business reputation with transparency for Customer satisfaction, world class customer support, nurture brand advocates and increase social media engagement.

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    Advanced Web Marketing Strategies for New Firms

    Jephthah has provided a value added service and enhanced Personalization with an influencer network. We influence through SEO, Email marketing, Influencer marketing, Reputation management and Social Media.
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